Magasins de Littérature à Bruxelles

Magasin(s) Ikea dans la ville de Bruxelles ayant des Littérature

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Ikea 1070 Anderlecht
Chaussée de Mons 1432
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le 04/30/2018
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le 08/14/2017
le 12/14/2017
Spacious covered place which exhibits its products in a way with style. They put them in kind of open rooms furnished with different items (with tags that describe them, list their prices and give their code which is useful to find where they are stored). It is possible to ask for advices or information from the staff who do that efficiently. Prices vary between medium to high; that depends on quality of the pruducts.
Ouvert aujourd'hui mercredi 12 Décembre jusqu'à 20h00

Littérature disponible dans les Ikea de Bruxelles