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Genot L.

Bijouterie - achat/vente de montres à Etterbeek

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Genotbijoux votre conseiller en perles et pierres naturelles
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"Jewelry shops have a special fascination for me. I do not even need to buy something because often, I like admiring the jewelry themselves especially those made of natural, precious or semi-precious stones. Even if I have some jewelry, I don’t have to wear them to appreciate them. I am content to just look at the way the stones are cut, polished or the colors that come into play when light is reflected on them. Sometimes though, I get the urge to buy something specific when the budget allows. A few months back, I was at Genot Bijoux to buy a pair of iolite studs which I wanted to have. That cost me around € 80 but I decided to buy it anyway as it was pretty and mounted on gold. In addition, it was fairly quick to make a purchase in this shop so I was sure that I would get there out quickly.
Yesterday, I went back again because my husband asked me to bring his gold chain in and get the lock/snap fixed (it was loose). I was not too sure if the shop actually does repairs of jewelry as I only saw jewelries for sale. Genot Bijoux sells jewelry set in natural stones such as agates, iolite, topazes and the like. They have also a lot of pearls in the shop and it is even possible to custom make something out of natural stone (for example, a statue or figurine in lapis lazuli and the like).
The owners (seems to be a family business) are quite relaxed so I never felt any obligation to buy anything when I am in this shop. There are jewelry shops which just intimidate me because for one, the atmosphere feels so chic that I would not even consider going inside to take a look further. With this shop, I don’t feel as such and even if you are in the premises, there is no sales pressure at all. I like that. For one, the shop is modest and is rather old (at least the façade is not the most modern and even lacks painting). Their display windows are not the most attractive but in a way I prefer this rather than looking at fancy displays where I am nearly sure I won’t be able to afford anything.
The nice thing about this shop is that apart from selling jewelries, they do repairs as well. The best part is, the owner did the repair of the necklace right in front of me so I was sure that my husband’s jewelry was not switched or misplaced. I also got the broken part back which was important to me. In addition, I did not have to wait long as this was done rather quickly (in less than 10 minutes). The cost was also reasonable – that small piece of the lock costs €20. Were I to bring this jewelry in other shops, I am sure I would wait at least 2 weeks before getting it back.
I have some other pieces of broken jewelry which need to be repaired or even reset. I would not hesitate to go back to this shop the next time I have cash to spare because of these reasons: the prices are reasonable; purchase or repairs are done quickly and the location is convenient (right in the commercial district of Chaussee de Wavre)."

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