Magasins de Eviers à Bruxelles

Magasin(s) Ikea dans la ville de Bruxelles ayant des Eviers

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Ikea 1070 Anderlecht
Chaussée de Mons 1432
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le 05/14/2013
This store is ghetto compared to the one Zaventem. Seriously the employees hide from you while all the locals are looting the place. Nothing will actually be stocked in the right place it should take 3 people and 20 mins to get a cutting board stocked at every Ikea globally. This store was very disorganized, chaotic, and smelled horrible, less like Sweden and more like a sewer in the sub sahara.
le 01/14/2018
Les petits déjeuné sont délicieux et pas chers du tout ! Franchement je suis très satisfait !
le 11/14/2017
Surprisingly less variety of items of the same type.
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Eviers disponible dans les Ikea de Bruxelles